Rice distribution among parents in different schools of Middle School Narayanwati and Arar Cluster – Ajit Kumar

Instructions of Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department: –

Bhagalpur : In order to prevent the infection of coronavirus in the present time, the principals in collaboration with the teachers of their respective schools in different schools of middle school Narayanwati and Arar Sankul of Sanhola block till Wednesday as per the instructions of the Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department during the school bandh. Keeping in mind the social distancing among the parents of all the children of the school, the rice was distributed for 80-80 days. During the interaction, Ajit Kumar, the coordinator of both the packages told that 24 days in May, 30 days in June and In the month of July, a total of 80 days of food grains were given to each parent, including 26 days. 8 kg was given to the parents of children from class 1 to 5 and 12 kg of rice was given to the parents of children from class VI to VIII. That the rice available in the school from the pre-school was given to the parents by the principals of different schools. After the arrival of the rice, rice will be given to the parents of the remaining children again. Also the amount of mid-day meal in the account of all the children concerned. It will be given soon through DBT. Ajit Kumar informed that the district level officer has ordered the distribution of rice by 4 August, under which about 70% of the schools have been distributed by the schools, the remaining The schools will soon be distributing rice. He said that during rice distribution, parents were called in instead of children, so that any kind of infection could be avoided. Manjoo Kumari, Principal of Primary School Bhiroundha told that till class three Rice will be distributed among all the children of the children, the parents of the remaining children will be given again on arrival of rice. Santosh Kumar, in-charge of middle school Baijnathpur, Mohammad Balal Ahmed, in-charge of primary school Jalaha, Manju Kumari, in-charge of primary school Bhiroundha and primary school Neema F Shrikant Bihari, the Principal in-charge of Tehpur, said that rice had been distributed by them in their respective schools till Wednesday, while the principals in charge of the remaining schools also talked about delivery of rice soon.

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